09/07: Roskilde went rather well, we think. If you were there we hope you enjoyed it. If not you should drop by monday 27/7, 18.30 @ Søren Kirkegaards Plads in Copenhagen. A few shots from Roskilde can be found here.

27/06: Less than a week 'till Roskilde Festival starts. And the weather forecast promises sun, so if you haven't bought a ticket, perhaps you should. We'll be playing thursday ca. 20.30 on the lounge scene. In a somewhat unholy alliance with superb, visual artist Iben Toft Nørgård, we have created a dense backdrop that should fit perfectly. What it looks like you should drop by and check out! Hopefully we'll see you there?

01/06: Ah yes, graphic design by Anne Zidore Post. We hope this isn't the last we've seen of her doing graphics for us since she's a feared mouseketeer but also a way better designer than what we can pull off... Our excuse obviously being that making music consumes all of our time. And seriously it does. Which you can of course hear at below mentioned concert, or even better, at Roskilde Festival!

20/05: The track Shipwreck, featured on the nonpop.de sampler is now up on myspace for you to enjoy. Today we recieved the files for the Ike Yard remix, slightly sooner than expected so I guess work will begin shortly and new shows have been added to the Live section.

11/05: Finally we can share this hot link with you now: Hot Link. The link is for the new Nonpop.de free download sampler, featuring us with a brand new track called Shipwreck. If it hadn't been for the hardworking crew at Nonpop, the track would probably not be finished yet, so be sure to go there and start downloading. If you don't want to bother with downloading some 191 mb or just want to skip directly to our track then wait because we will make the track listenable from myspace within the week. Or so...

In other news we have a show coming up. Or rather two shows as it appears at the moment. First one and already a done deal is at this years Roskilde Festival where we'll take up space thursday 2nd July at the lounge stage. Time of day has not been revealed yet, so keep an eye on this page for details. Or better yet, keep an eye on Roskilde Festivals page since they're a bit more reliable updaters than here at WG*HQ. Anyway, we'll bring new CD's, old CD's and even free CD's, hell even a free T-shirt since i found one The Leech shirt (black, size L) during the annual spring cleaning in the studio.
Other show with details still to be worked out is July 27th at World Out Cities, during World Out Games in Copenhagen. That is the homosexual olympics with a crazy amount of art and events added to it. Hope we'll see you either here or there.

Perhaps you know of early-80ties cult band Ike Yard? They made a release on UK's Factory Records in '82 and after some quiet years they've re-surfaced. And now Phisteria want's to release a 10" with IY and more so: They've asked us to do a remix for the release. At the moment details are sparse but we know that there will be a 10" (strictly ltd), a CD and of course available from your trusted mp3-dealer. Release date TBA. Meanwhile check myspace.com/ikeyard

Wondering about the much talked about release to come? Understandably. But for now we can only reveal this: Recordings will begin at the end of this month and we are starting to consider the format + how we can fit that to our plans. And we have also had some interest from labels who wanted to release the record. Plus we have the title for the release. More information will follow...


17/12: As you may or may not know, 2009 will be our 10th year as a duo. So should you be a nice recordlabel lingering at the chance to release what we plan to be a sort of celebration CD, do not hesitate to get in touch. Also we should probably mention that we're playing on friday at what appears to be the last Noisejihad event. Line up includes Sarah's Charity, Dead Black Arms and Ultimate Combat Noise. 21.11 @ Tordenskjoldsgade 31, Aarhus , DK. Entrance includes a free beer...

02/12: Gaffa-reviewer Jakob Rosenbak put Fierce Pressure as no. 2 on his top5 list of best Danish releases in 2008. And Frans De Waard of Vital Weekly writes one of his notoriously short reviews, that deals more with the format than the release, but we think he likes it. However, it seems we would have gotten more credit by not releasing Fierce Pressure as a mp3. Read the review here.
Old news: but did we mention that we're also available from iTunes?

10/11: We're happy to announce the final Desolation House release! It is a 2xCD and features tracks from all bands on the label. Apart from us, those are: Subterranean Source, Gruntsplatter, Bastard Noise/C. Renou, Troum, Amazing Grace, Angel of Decay, Japanese Torture Comedy Hour remixed by Pain Jerk, Keplers Odd and Rise of Because.
Available January 6th 2009 but you can place your pre-order by sending a mail, right now! Adress top-right.

5/11: Misc. news: I have just got a few copies of a re-press of long gone BeautyBoxer release. If you want to get a hold of this you better act fast, as in 'now'!
If you live in Denmark and have a TDC-Play phone subscribtion, you can download Distractions for free! Other wise it is also possible to buy it from TDC.
Speaking of buying, a few titles are available from Staalplaat Store i Berlin, so drop by when around.

27/10: Download our brand new album now! 3 tracks even slower than usual and spanning more than 45 minutes and it's all free, so what are you waiting for?

Fierce pressure -- 1: twopointone -- 2: onepointeight -- 3: twopointsix

If you have a facebook-profile, you can become a fan of Wäldchengarten on FB. Aside from obvious advantages such as getting news(!) before any body else etc., you can also help increase interest for us while branding yourself and showing off excellent musictaste: Seems like a win-win situation.

15/10: Admitted, it is a very slow year this year, but what can you do? One half re-located to Berlin and the other remains in Aarhus.
So what we can do is offer Black Rabbit to you as free download right here. Since the release on mighty 8K Mob was a bit limited and as a result hereof a quick sell-out, we figured not enough have had the opportunity to enjoy this 33minuteand23second drone/doom frenzy.
But there's more: Next week we'll add three brand new tracks to the vast amount of free internet downloads; help us spread those, share them on soulseek, burn them onto CD's and give it to your internet-less friends. Do what is needed...

26/06: New show added, August 13th @ Statens Museum For Kunst, CPH.

14/06: We played a quite well attended show at danish music festival Spot and also got some great responses. The music magazine Gaffa rated and reviewed the concert. 4 stars and some nice words. Find it on the review page.

15/04: Holy shit! Apparently this is the first update in 6 months! Damn. Guess things really are slow at the moment. Anyways, 2 new shows have been added, hopefully more will follow. We will start working on new material by the end of April. Meanwhile we're considering uploading some unreleased track and deleting the rest.

In other news: While doing some spring cleaning in the studio, we stumpled upon a box of old '...in preparation of machines to fall' LP's and CD's. Since we don't know what else to do with them, we figured we might as well give them away for free.
This record was voted record of the year 2002 by alternative Danish music magazine Geiger and below there's two short reviews of the LP by Giag and Vital Weekly.

All you have to do is provide us with shipping details, quantity and format, and of course, postage.
Postage can be covered via bank transfer, Danish stamps or the good ol well-hidden cash, plus we're looking into setting up a Moneybookers account.

Postage rates, Priority / single copy, are as follows:

DK: LP: 33 DKK / CD: 10 DKK
EU/non-EU: LP: 7 € / CD: 2.2 €
world: LP: 9.5 € / CD: 3 €

Send your order here: freebies@waldchengarten.dk

We also found a couple of The Leech t-shirts as well as a few copies of The Leech 7" (Drone rec), Distractions (Phisteria), 1 copy of Black Rabbit (8K Mob) and some copies of our hard-to-find debut release Was Kommunikation? 10" (KFI). First come first serve. But please note: it is only the In Preparation LP that is free of charge."


10/10: New review added, in which Gaffa.dk declares us national heroes...Neat.

15/08: New shows added, other than that nothing to report.

25/06: Now it's possible to listen to Wäldchengarten at Last.fm. We created a station and uploaded quite a few releases for your listening pleasure. There you can also download the 7" Six Silver Bullets for free.
Latest news from Verato Project is that Beauty Boxer is about to be released in it's third edition. Neat. Eventually we'll get some copies you can order.

08/06: We're getting some quite good response on the new CDr + a few reviews of it have been added in the review section. Though Frans DeWard mentions some playback flaws in his Vital Weekly review we haven't recieved other reports about this (yet).
Right now we're working on more releases + planning a trip to Norway and possibly Sweden in November. But more info about this later.

20/05: So we're preparing the show on tuesday with Aube, when we got this note on email. Almost forgot about but not entirely. A soundart exhibition/archive in which Distractions is featured.

ART IS NOT MUTE - Ersta Konsthall becomes an archive with recorded sound.
Sweden is renowned for many respected electro acoustic legends but we have tried to reach further out and the archive includes more than 150 participants from all over the world.

On the opening night, the following people are invited to perform a DJ-battle with material from the archive:
Fia-Stina Sandlund, Catti Brandelius, Pia Sandström, Jenny Wilson, Andreas Gedin, Andreas Bertling, Johanna Billing, Leo Norgren , Patrik Andersson, Andreas Söderström , Mats Stjernstedt and Ersta Konsthalls curatorial trio: Sofia Curman, Linus Elmes and Paola Zamora

The archive will be accessible booth physically and digitally during the exhibition period, may 21st - june 16th.
Information on future performances will follow.

We've also uploaded a new review of Distractions from hissig.no. Unfortunately it's in Norwegian, but eventually it'll get translated. Of course if somebody else wants to do it, please let us know.

02/05: A few news to announce: The next release will be entitled Black Rabbit, it's a 33min+ track divided in three parts: A - Ill Intentions B - The Fields are Covered with Blood and C - Black Rabbit. The CD will be available at the show on 22/05, from us and obviously from 8K Mob.
We've also finished mastering our contribution for a 2 x CD with live recordings from renowned, Hamburg-based experimental club: Hörbar. Reduktive Musiken will put out the release, which apparently also will feature live recordings from Government Alpha, Montage, Praying for Oblivion, Notstandskommitee vs. TBC and Audible Pain. Final confirmation and release details to follow and this release cancels out the previously mentioned to be released by Wachzender Process
Finally we're happy to announce the release of the Martin Hall 5 x CD / 1 x DVD boxset on which Wäldchengarten appears with a remix of "Vulgar Display". The boxset is entitled Catalogue (Martin Hall 1980-2007) and will be available from november 5th.

17/04: We have a show. 22/05 @ musikcafeen in Aarhus together with AUBE and DJ Zipo. Also this evening is scheduled to present our next release on 8K MOB. details TBA.

01/03: We'll enter the studio this weekend to make some of the recordings for a new batch of release to come this year. And by studio we don't mean a mic and pair of headphones in our bedroom. 6 months in the works and now almost finalized, we'll post a decent pic when we're all set...
Meanwhile enjoy this review from Heathenharvest.com:

"These seven untitled tracks are the epitome of downright magnificence. Make no mistake about that. Musical notes are stretched and manipulated beyond mere mortal comprehension in a highly charged and intense electronic aural landscape of their own design. The lavish sounds are slowly revealed in ever twisting concoctions that are brutal and extreme one minute and beguiling and tranquil the next. [...] Anyone with a beating heart in their chests with a love of music that fires up the imagination through the use of electronics needs this release in their collection. Simply put as this may be but the truth normally is. Can you ever over use the word ‘incredible’ to describe a piece of music? Not here you can’t. I defy you to find a better recording this year within this musical spectrum that blows you away so completely and is full of surprises at every turn. Now that’s a challenge you’ll never beat." Read the whole review here

19/02: Just today we recieved our copies of the PHI009 label compilation. It comes in a very neat spraypainted metal box and besides us it contains tracks from Hinsidan, Chasing Eudaimonia, Purl and Seht. Intended for promotional purposes only a very few of the extremely limited editions will be available for sale, so get it while you can. More info: Phisteria.com

05/02: As it turns out that some of our releases, esp. The Leech are popping up at even more mp3sites with dubious economical interests, we feel we should advise, that unless you're buying Distractions from iTunes or MSN or similar, you can be pretty sure that the mp3 you're paying for is unlicensed. And as said: then we'd prefer you get it elsewhere...

02/02: It has come to our attention that these websites: alloffmp3.org, boxmp3.net and mp3legal.org, are selling seemingly legal Wäldchengarten mp3's, however this is not the case so we advise you not to buy your mp3's from them. We'd rather you download the tracks illegally, than paying someone who's ripping us off anyway.

07/01: A new year, and a happy one to you too. With a couple of new release in the works. A new review, from the january edition of the wire. Find it here. Been doing some soundtracking for a short film that has premiere in february. Date and place to be announced. An extremely limited and very exclusive v/a release is in the works from Phisteria Records and will feature a rough preview (very "previously unreleased") of a track that will appear on a release scheduled for summer/fall this year. Details to be revealed later. As well as the details on another v/a release, which is so secret that we hardly know anything about it ourselves. So many details and so hard to keep track of them...including the ones about the release on sky-rocketing 8K Mob label, whose ass-kicking label manager has been on our backs about since what feels like forever. The release that is to be "The Post-Industrial Mayhem of the Year: A Hommage to Old-School New-Noise!" Or something...
Anyways, we'll be back when news are good enough to share or the details becomes clearer.


12/11: Some pictures are up from our recent trips as well as some pretty blurred ones from Brazil, but what the hell, it's all we've got.
We would like to deeply thank the people involved in making our trip to asia a very memorable one, esp. Stephane and Miou who were very kind to us in Tokyo. Thank you.

On another note, The Leech 7" is now out on Drone Records and available from whereever you usually buy you Drone titles. If you are a Danish resident you can order a copy from us. This is what Drone Records came up with:
"WÄLDCHENGARTEN is a danish duo from Aarhus that could be best described as “noise ambient” or “raw / harsh drone” in what they do. After some already very promising releases (i.e. a CD in the Desolation House-series of Relapse Recs) this is their very first vinyl. Their music on #The Leech# is very raw and filled with tiny noisy outbursts, at the same time ultra-sluggish & powerful. Low whistling feedback & pure electronic whirl-tones are omnipresent, everything seems to gradually sink to an alien center of heavy gravity ­ like an organic entity that is slowly sucking energy while everything around is pulsating and rumbling in menacing cascades... this is dark, but its a darkness of sheer beauty. Filed under: heavy-gravity drones (Drone Records)"

Finally, another review is up in the dk section...

01/10: Reviews has been added. both in the dk and uk section. Eventually translations of the dk reviews will follow.

06/09: A bunch of new dates has been added to the live section + we have uploaded some tracks in the audio section, so you can preview the new album.

24/08: Releaseparty tonight. We probably should have been updating this site sometime earlier,
but we've been in Brazil and had a nightmare of a trip getting home again. The show in Brazil was so-so due to problems with this and that.
Tonight we'll also have Danish premiere on our movie The Weight Of The World. It's a 46 min. piece and can propably best be described a non-narrative fictional piece. Moving at a really slow pace. The movie was directed by Morten Lundgaard and filmed by Anders Holck. There's some on location shots here + a full cast will be up later.

28/05: The Release date for our new CD "Distractions" is set to 24/8. To celebrate this, a releaseparty will be held this date in Copenhagen @ Literaturhaus.
We have also been invited to play a concert a File_Hipersonica_2006, which means we'll be off for Brasil 12th August...

05/05: We've sent the master and the cover-files to Phisteria, who are releasing our next CD. The CD is entitled "Distractions" and is probably the longest running CD we've produced yet. 54 min 25 sek of really low-end ambient, sporadic humming pulses and blasting noise. This time the final touch has been applied by Lasse Marhaug and we thank him for an excellent job. Release date tba.

Earlier this year we sent the master and finalized the cover for our 7" release on German Drone Records. The record is scheduled for post-summer some time and we'll let you know when we open for pre-orders.

21/03: New review from Norwegian music website Hissig.no is up.

16/02: A new review from the Norwegian music website Groove.no has been uploaded to the review section.

14/02: RESERVATET is now sold out from us. If you want a copy you should get in touch with Verato Project directly. Or Google to find possible distributors in your area.

On another note: Electrical Bonding has made its way into various Best of 2005 lists. This includes Geiger's top 53, Roggbif Records top 10, as no.1 on Jakob Rosenbak's (Gaffa.dk) personal top 5 and as no. 11 on Ekstra Bladets offical top 20. Should you know of more lists, feel free to drop a line.

02/02: New T-shirts available. Comes in colors: black, dark-red and army-green. All with white print on front and back. Needless to say they're limited editions, so act fast if you want one. 130 dkr incl. postage in Denmark; ask for prices abroad.
Washing instructions: Wash inside out, 30º C, do not tumbledry.

attention ))at(( waldchengarten dot dk

download Electrical Bonding as wallpaper for your desktop.

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