Distractions excerpts:
- (4.53 m/s 6.72mb)
---- (3.42 m/s 5.09mb)
------- (3.12 m/s 4.41mb)

Electrical Bonding excerpts:
Replaced after re-fusing (3.50 m/s 3.50mb)
Electrical Bonding (5.24 m/s 4.95mb)

Noisejihad Live 005
Noisejihad Live 013


Bottomfeeder mCD (Dokuro)
Bottomfeeder 19.36

Black Rabbit CDR (8K Mob)
Black Rabbit 33.26
pt. a: Ill intentions pt. b: The fields are covered with blood pt. c: Black Rabbit

The Leech 7"
(Drone Records 06)
A: Ignorant 7.08 B: Parasite 7.00

Distractions CD (Phisteria 06)
- 9.52 -- 10.20 --- 3.02 ---- 8.52 ----- 12.08 ------2.49 -------7.17

Reservatet CDR
(Verato project 05/06)
Reservatet 30.24

Electrical Bonding CD
(Desolation House / Relapse 05)
Cancels out if need be 9.17 Replaced after re-fusing 7.08 Connection lost 3.46
Electrical bonding 10.40 Endless manipulations 9.56

Uncomfortable Positions MP3-ep
(Fukk God 04)
Forced inquisition 4.42 Action denied 4.52 Lies got you into this mess,
but lies won't get you out 4.35 Betrayed, revealed, exposed 2.40

Beautyboxer 3" CDR (Verato Project 03)
Ill-mannered Rhetorics 4.42 Gordon Phillips went too far 2.49 The Hunt. The Kill. The End. 5.59
I bled for days...but now i'm ok 3.01 Violentbachelorparty 4.02

...In preparation of machines to fall LP / CD (KFI 02)
A: Memory fader 6.34 Cracked open on a short range 6.46 Loop traitor 5.38 Soilent green 0.48
B: Just checking 4.47 Re-covering 3.12 20.000 fps 4.13 Zero crossings 1.21 Messyspot 3.49

image unavailable at the moment.
Wäldchengarten: Live!
(KFI CD-R Series 01)
Tracklisting n/a.

Six Silver Bullets 7" (KFI 01)
A: Bullet01 3.14 Bullet02 2.00 Bullet03 0.46 B: Bullet04 0.57 Bullet05 3.16 Bullet06 1.30

Was Kommunikation? 10" (KFI 00)
A: Strategies for making a movie x.xx Fuck you because you don't x.xx
B: Sundays are the best? x.xx Stupid, ignorant woman x.xx

Wäldchengarten / KF split Cass. (Out of Love rec., Italy 00)
Tracklist coming soon.

Compilation tracks:

v/a: Things that happened Live 2xCDR ReduktiveMusiken 10
(trk: "Live at Hörbar")

Martin Hall Catalogue discography of Martin Hall - A:Larm 07
(trk: "An even more vulgar display")

v/a: PHI009CDR - Labelpromo for 2007 releases - Phisteria 07
(trk: "The Most Vile Beast")

v/a: "Noise Decay", Danish noise comp., CDR - Organic Pipeline 04
(trk.: "Lies got you into this mess, but lies won't get you out")

v/a "Under Byen: Remix Album 2004" LP - DVP 04
(trk.: "Om Vinteren")

v/a: "Aarhus NU", A book about what's happening at the moment in the musical life of Aarhus incl. comp. CD. Published by Signalement Aarhus 04
(trk.: "Cancels out if need be")

v/a: "Hurts So Good", Cock ESP remix CD - V/VM Test Records 03
(trk.: Cuttin', punchin', screamin' - "you should have been more careful mix")

v/a: "Masters Of The Scene", A tribute to ABBA, CD - Nihilist Records 03
(trk.: "Thank you for the music")

v/a: "Noisejihad", 2nd Noisejihad comp., CD - Noisejihad 03
(trk.: Cracked open on a short range", "Ill-mannered Rhetorics", "The Hunt. The Kill. The End")

Other releases from earlier projects 1997 - 2000:


Maalet Helliger Midlet666: s/t
Kummerlige Forhold: Med døden i baghånden (KFI)
Kummerlige Forhold: s/t (Gürteltier Tapes, Schweiz)
Kummerlige Forhold / Armenia: Split tape (Bizarre Audio Arts, Ecuador)
Kummerlige Forhold: Høg over Høg (KFI)
Kummerlige Forhold / Wäldchengarten: split, lim. japanse edition (KFI)
v/a: Tapeheads #6: World Domination...1 comp track (Hal Tapes, USA)
v/a: there is no music...2 comp tracks (CFC Rec, USA)

3.5" Diskette:

v/a: Knæk Og Bræk (ANJ, DK)


Ramfejl: Kunst / Kompost (KFI CD-R Series)
KF: Høg over Høg (re-release KFI CD-R Series)
v/a: Yderligheder, 1 track som LH (DMT / Statens Kunstfond, DK)
v/a: Freiheit: the noise revolution (HMR, CAN)
v/a: Aalborg Noise Jihad, 4 tracks w. Kummerlige Forhold (ANJ, DK)
v/a: Solipsism, 1 track med Kummerlige Forhold (Solipsism Rec, USA)


Kummerlige Forhold / Soviet Subliminal Seduction split 7" (KFI)

Additional appearances:
Entrails Massacre / Subcut split LP (Absurd, Brasillien)